Output template

cargo-about uses handlebars templates to take the output of license gathering and transform it into your desired output. See handlebars for how handlebar templates work generally.



  • count - The number of times the license was used to satisfy a license expression for a crate
  • name - The name of the license
  • id - The id of the license


  • name - The full name of the license
  • id - The SPDX identifier
  • text - The full license text
  • source_path - The path of the license if it was pulled from the source code of the crate
  • used_by A list of UsedBy


  • crate - Metadata for a cargo package
  • path - Optional path of the dependency that is being used by the license


These are the variables that are exposed to the templates


<ul class="licenses-overview">
    {{#each overview}}
    <li><a href="#{{id}}">{{name}}</a> ({{count}})</li>

Preview of the default about.hbs


You can view the full license here.