Bans diagnostics

B001 - crate is explicitly banned

A crate which is explicitly banned was detected.

B002 - crate is explicitly allowed

A crate which is explicitly allowed was detected.

B003 - crate is implicitly banned

When using bans.allow, a crate was detected that wasn't in that list.

B004 - found duplicate entries for crate

One or more duplicate versions of the same crate were detected.

B005 - crate skipped when checking for duplicates

A crate version that matched an entry in bans.skip was encountered.

B006 - found wildcard dependency for crate

A crate was included via a wildcard dependency by one or more crates.

B007 - skipped crate was not encountered

A crate version in bans.skip was not encountered.

B008 - banned crate allowed by wrapper

A crate in bans.deny was allowed since it was referenced by a wrappers crate.

B009 - direct parent of banned crate was not marked as a wrapper

A crate in bans.deny had one or more wrappers crates, but a crate not in that list had a direct dependency on the banned crate.

B010 - skip tree root was not found in the dependency graph

A crate version in bans.skip-tree was not encountered.

B011 - skipping crate due to root skip

A crate was skipped from being checked as a duplicate due to being transitively referenced by a crate version in bans.skip-tree.

B012 - crate has build script but is not allowed to have one

A crate which has been denied because it has a build script but is not part of the bans.allow-build-script list.