The list command

Similarly to cargo-license, list prints out the license information for each crate.


-f, --format

The format of the output

  • human (default) - Simple format where each crate or license is its own line
  • json
  • tsv


Output coloring, only applies to the human format.

  • auto (default) - Only colors if stdout is a TTY
  • always - Always emits colors
  • never - Never emits colors


  • SPDX identifier - blue
  • Crate with 1 license - white
  • Crate with 2 or more licenses - yellow
  • Crate with 0 licenses - yellow

-l, --layout

The layout of the output. Does not apply to the tsv format.

  • license (default) - Each license acts as the key, and the values are all of the crates that use that license
  • crate - Each crate is a key, and the values are the list of licenses it uses.

-t, --threshold

The confidence threshold required for assigning a license identifier to a license text file. See the license configuration for more information.

  • layout = license, format = human (default)


  • layout = crate, format = human


  • layout = license, format = json


  • layout = license, format = tsv